Have you ever seen that sign in a window of a tanning salon? What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that yesterday, you were tanning in a bed with cold old lamps?

Well, you will never see it in any of Altima Tan’s windows.

Tanning lamps have a relatively long life span and a tanning lamp will seldom die out completely. However, as time goes by, it will take longer and longer to get their job done. Therefore, it’s vitally important to us to monitor the useful life of our lamps to ensure that you never tan in one of our beds with cold, old lamps.

We carry a full line of tanning beds, including the SunVision Elite, SunStar 332, SuperStar 332+, Solaris 442, SolarForce 648 and the SolarForce 652V. These beds are powered by the Wolff® system lamps and have advanced after-tan cooling systems. We have the tanning equipment for every tanning desire. From our 20 minute beds to our 9 minute, 52 lamp, stand-up, were sure to have a bed to achieve the best looking tan possible.

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