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At Altima Tan, our Spokesmodels are a means to help us promote the benefits of indoor tanning. During their reign, their photos and testimonials of responsible tanning are featured on our website, our Facebook page, local newspapers, community ads, and internet blogs.

A lot of people are indeed worried about spending time in the sun. No wonder! Over the last several years, there has been a ton of bad publicity regarding sun tanning. It’s incredible how much influence the media has on various issues, including sun exposure. Subsequently, it’s not surprising that people will begin to accept these statements as accurate due to the repetitive nature of their commentary.

Our Spokesmodels want you to know that beyond the superficial appeal of a healthy-looking tan, the benefits of responsible sunbathing are numerous. Let’s face it, life, as we know it on earth, would not exist without the sun.

That’s why moderate sun tanning will increase your energy, mood, libido, and immune system. It has also been shown to fight depression, insomnia, acne, and eczema.

Don’t be afraid of the sun; embrace it! Come on into Altima Tan and get your tan on!